Summary interpretation of (A Story Written by Dylan Thomas)

Summary interpretation of (A Story Written by Dylan Thomas)

A Story Summary by Dylan Thomas 

Dylan Thomas – Welsh poet and story writer.

Main Idea:– A child’s perspective (point of view) towards the world of grown-up people. grown up people’s indifference towards the desires and problems of children.

Characters Of A story

A small boy:- He is the narrator of this story. He is small and is living with his uncle “Thomas” and aunt ” Sarah”. The story has been narrated (told) from his perspectives.

Mr.Thomas:- He is the uncle of the boy. The narrator (boy) is his nephew. Mr. Thomas is big, fat, land, and noisy. He has red hair, has a small wife, he owns a shop.

Main Points of the story (A Story)

-Thomas eats too much, he drops food on his clothes while eating. His wife doesn’t want him going outing (a tour) with his friends. He drinks a lot, is a drunkard. Thomas is the chief of a team of 30 members.

Mrs. Thomas  (Sarah): She is the wife of Mr. Thomas .She is small and quiet like a cat and mouse. She is a good housewife -She always keeps herself busy in clearing the small house. She doesn’t like her husband going to outing and drinking wine and as a result, she goes to her mother’s house in an angry mood leaving Thomas. She beats Mr. Thomas with a china dog- a stick. Thomas lifts her up on a table and lets her beat him with a china dog on his head.

Will Sentry:-He is also one of the members of the Thomas team. Sentry always Benjamin Franklyn because the ex-treasures named Bob the fiddle embezzled money of the outing. He says his wife doesn’t let him follow Franklyn in bed.

Old O’ Jones:- He is also another member. The team misses him while going to the outing. They later picked him up.

Mr.  Weasley:- Another member, he misses his artificial teeth in the outing. He says he needs teeth for laughing and speaking. He stops ‘Charabanc’ (name of a vehicle) at every spot where he sees a pub (restaurant). He wins onion necklace in a restaurant named “mountain sheep”.

Mr. Cadawalladwr:- Another member  of the team, he tells time better than a watch.

Summary Interpretation Of ( A Story)

A story is contributed (written) by Dylan Thomas a welsh poet and story writer. This story is about a short one day trip to Porthcawl which turns out to be living and entertaining for the grown-up people and a very boring dull and uninteresting  for the story. It is also about how a child looks at grown-up people and how does he respond?

The narrator lives with his uncle and aunt. One day while he was a busy reading newspaper with his uncle in the shop, a group of his uncle’s friend and some other people come there to discuss their plan of the outing.

They begin to discuss the trip (journey) and they also play cards, laugh, and make noise inside the house. Finally, they reach a conclusion to go on a trip on coming Saturday. They collect money from every individual who is interested to go the outing. They also book a bus, pack beers, and other necessary food items into it. And they don’t want to include the boy (narrator) in their group because he hadn’t paid the necessary sum.

The journey began but there happen several technical difficulties. Eg:- one of their friends was missing. That’s why they had to drive back to the village to pick him up. Similarly, another member had forgotten to take his artificial teeth on the way they stop near a restaurant and go inside the bar.

They start drinking wine without caring about the problems. But, the narrator is left, outside as he is assigned to look after the bus. They spend almost our minutes in a restaurant named the mountain sheep. They emptied the whole restaurant and not a single drop has left there. 

They were all heavily drunk and intoxicated. On the way, they went to a river and have a bath there. It’s too late then to go to Porthcawl- their destination as (because) they spend the whole afternoon drinking wine and going nonsense (meaningless). 

As a result, the nightfall and they decide to get back to the village without reaching Porthcawl. On the way back home in the moon night, they are off the bus and start preparing the few remaining food items in a field. It’s already late the boy (narrator) tried and hungry and he slept without having anything to eat.

In this manner this story presents a child’s attitudes to look at the world of grown-up people. The boy feels the journey quite boring dull and annoying experience in his life. The way that the grown-up people behave (act) seems to be quite funny and senseless from the viewpoint of the narrator.


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