Unit 2 Appearance Meaning Into Words

appearance meaning into words

Here are the Structures and Imp Questions for Neb With answers Of Unit 2 Appearance meaning Into Words Class 12. 

Look As If and Look As Though

1. Subject+look/looks+Adjective.
Example: Rather aggressive
Ans: He Looks rather aggressive.
2. Subject+Look/looks+Like+Noun
Example: A honeymoon couple
Ans: They look like a honeymoon couple.
3. Subject+look/looks+as if/as though+sub+verb+object
Example: He needs a Wash
Ans: He Looks as if he needs a wash.

General Impression: seem

Structures of Seem:
1. If there is be verb in the sentence:
Positive sentence
S+seem/seems+to be+Object.
Negative sentence
S+don’t seem/dosen’t seems+to be+Object
2. If there is v1/v5 In the sentence:
Positive sentence

3. If there is Has/have+v3 in the sentence:

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