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Lesson 3 Arrangement In Writing Process

arrangement in writings

What is arrangement In Writing Process?: In the process of writing an essay, we need to arrange our ideas systematically. Arranging ideas for the introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and the conclusion falls under the arrangement section.

Recognizing a Pattern

When our assignments specify a particular pattern of development, arranging our ideas will be easy. Some exam questions also suggest how our material should be structured. For instance, if we are asked how something works, we will realize it is asking for a process essay.

And if we are asked to trace the circumstances leading up to an event, we will realize it is asking either for a narrative or a cause-and-effect response. So, it is important to recognize such clues in the assignments given.

While studying essays, we can find such clues in the topic or thesis statement. Questions for probing (probing questions) also provide one clue to structuring our essay.

For instance, probing questions: “How is it like other things?” or “How is it different from other things?” clues/indicates structuring the essay as a comparison and contrast response.



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