Summary Interpretation of God’s grandeur | Heritage Of Words | Class 12

Summary Interpretation of God's grandeur | Heritage Of Words | Class 12

Unit four: God and man

God’s Grandeur Main points

Grandeur:-Greatness, kindness, mercy, generosity 

God’s grandeur

1. The abundance of natural resources.

2. God’s equal love and kindness equal to all.

3. God covers the whole world with his bright wings.

4. God is spiritually present everywhere.

Man’s selfishness

1. Excessive use and misuse/ overuse of natural resources.

2. Deforestation of natural/ugliness.

3. Human beings are not obliged to god/grateful to god.

4. They don’t understand god’s greatness.

Some word meanings For god’s grandeur 

Seared:- burnt

Trade:-human business

Bleared:-made unclear

Smeared:- covered with dirt.

Toil:- Hard work

Smude:-dirty mark

For all this:– in spite of this

Sun- holy ghost:– one of 3 gods in Christianity.


Summary interpretation of God’s Grandeur

God’s grandeur is a sonnet (a fourteen lined poem) composed by Gerard Manley Hopkins- an English poet. In this poem, the poet has admired God for his greatness, mercy, and kindness.

In the first stanza, the poet describes how man has used and misused the nature and natural resources. Man has done several activities and many other things for his selfish gain and interests that have ultimately destroyed and distorted nature. As a result, the whole of nature has been seared, bleared, and smeared. Even then, God is so great that man is getting as much as he wants. Yet, man is not obliged (grateful) to god. 

In the second part of his poem, the poet describes God’s Grandeur, The poet says that God has provided man with so many resources and kept the world always rich and fresh. For eg: the sunset in the west is not the beginning of the darkness because it rises from the east the next day. It all happens due to the grace of God.

The poet means to say that God is present all the time everywhere in the whole universe. But, man is so selfish that he doesn’t realize this fact. In this way the god is great and he is the creator of all and everything.


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