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hansel and gretel summary

Hansel and Gretel Summary Interpretation 

Hansel and Gretel is a fairy tale by Grimm Brothers(Jacob Ludwig Karl and Wilhelm Grimm. Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter with his wife and two children. The children were (Hansel) son and (Gretel) daughter. 

The woodcutter was so poor that the family didn’t have much to eat. One day, the woodcutter talked to his wife about his problem. His wife, the stepmother of Hansel and Gretel advice him to leave their children in the forest. 

So that they will be eaten up by the wild animals.  The woodcutter didn’t like this idea but he was forced to obey her advice. Hansel and Gretel heard their parents talking the Hansel collected some pebbles and put them into their packet. They decided to drop the pebbles on the way to the forest.

The next morning Hansel and Gretel let the forest by their parents. Hansel went on dropping the pebbles on the way. They were left on at the center of the forest. In the evening when there was a full moon, Hansel and Gretel returned home following the pebbles. 

The stepmother becomes very much angry with them but the father was happy. Again, the parent made another plan. The children were taken to the dark forest. This time Hansel drooped great bread pieces on the way.

But when they tried to get back home, the bread pieces weren’t seen on the way because they had already been eaten by the birds. Hansel and Gretel got lost in the forest. They become so much hungry. They wandered here and there.

Meanwhile, they happen to saw a white bird singing song in a tree. The bird flew and the children followed it. At last, Hansel and Gretel saw a beautiful house made of sweet cakes. The hungry children started eating it.

Suddenly, a witch made her appearance there in a house. The witch took the children inside the house and she took Hansel into the shake and locked from outside. Gretel was asked to do a difficult task. 

One day, Gretel-very intelligently pushed the witch into the shed and to the oven where the witch was burned. Then, Gretel frees her brother Hansel. They saw a house full of jewel pearls and other valuable ornaments. 

Hansel and Gretel Collected that ornament into their pocket and started for home. On the way, a duckling took them across the river by putting them on its back. The children ran and ran until they reach home. 

Hansel and Gretel gave the pearls and other valuable ornaments to their father. Getting valuable ornament, the father becomes happy. At last, they all become so much glade but their step-mother had already been dead.  

Additional information 

Some additional information about Hansel and Gretel’s story. Which may help you to acquire more knowledge about this story.

The setting of the story

Germany:-Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

-Feudal system

-Drought and famine

-Pre-industrialized Europe/pre-capitalism

Characters of the story:-

1.  Father: The woodcutter

2. Wife: Stepmother

3. Children: Hansel (boy)-son Gretel(girl)-Daughter

Important Questions For Practice

1.     Why does Hansel drop shiny pebbles on the way to the forest?

2.     What role does Gretel play in the story? How does she free her brother?

3.     What role does Gretel have in the story?

4.     How did Hansel and Gretel free themselves from the witch?

5.     How did the witch receive the two children on their first night at the witch’s house?

6.     How did Hansel and Gretel manage to come back to their home the first time provided that they were lost in the forest the second time?

7.     What role does the witch have in the story? What does she symbolize?

8.     How does Hansel show his boldness, wisdom, determination, and vigor at the beginning of the story?

9.     What types of character is Gretel? Describe her character in your own words.

10.           How did Gretel free her brother and herself from the trap of the witch and prove her maturity and masculinity?

11.           Why did Gretel kill the witch?

12.           How does Gretel save her brother and herself from the witch?

13.           How did the witch tempt the children in the gingerbread house? What had she planned at last?

14.           How did the lost children find the witch’s house?

15.           How did the shiny stories help Hansel and Gretel return home the first time?

16.           What role does Gretel play to save her brother and herself from the witch?

17.           Describe the character of Hansel.

18.           How did Hansel and Gretel free themselves from the witch?

19.           How did the witch receive the two children on their first night at the witch’s house?

20.           Grimm Brother’s “Hansel and Gretel” reflects the social problems of the eighteenth century. Explain the statements on the basis of Jack Zipe’s interpretation of the story.

21.           Retell the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

22.           Summarise the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ in about 200 words.

23.           Narrate the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

24.           Briefly narrate the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

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