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Summary hurried trip to avoid a bad star

Main Points about Hurried trip to avoid a bad star

1)This essay is an extract (short part) extracted from an article, “Karnali-the roadless  world of western Nepal .”The article was written by Lilla.M. and Bishop Barry in (November 1971, and it was published in “National Geographic” that year.
2)The writers are American geographers and they made a journey (trekking) in 1971, of Karnali zone. They took almost 15 months from Jumla to Nepalgunj.
3)The essay is that journey account.
4)The writers did this journey to find out “how the Karnali zone is economically linked with the low –land regions ( southern port-Terai) to the south .”
5)Lillo M. and Barry C. bishop started the journey in 1971 just after Christmas. In the journey, they were accompanied by other local people who were carrying medicinal herbs, hashish,hand-knitted sweaters, blankets, shilajit, and other local products to trade in Nepalgunj –as because there was not any market in Jumla.
6)They come to Hari Lekh where they found a beautiful Chhetri woman who asked them to find her husband and send him back to the village as he had been (gone) to terai some fifteen years ago.
7) Then, they come through oak (a type of tree) and rhododendron forest. There, they happened to see some eight or nine men processing shilajit. The writers asked them why they were purifying shilajit there in the jungle, the people replied that they had to avoid the bad star.
8) They passed through a skeletal- looking sal tree forest where they saw some women chopping down (cut) the few remaining green leaves of the trees.
9) Lastly, they came to Nepalgunj, local people sold their products, got money  and purchased (bought) different things of their daily provisions (necessities). Eg: spices, biscuits, sweets, cotton clothes, ironwares, and soon.One of the members of the team named “karma” spent all his money on buying distillery(related to wine) equipment s hoping that he would produce wine in the village and become rich.
10) Their research got completed.

Summary interpretation Of Hurried trip to avoid a bad star 

“Hurried Trip to avoid a bad star” is an essay by M. Lilla and Barry C. Bishop the American geographers. This essay is a journey account (description) of the writers from Jumla to  Nepalgunj that aims to find out how Karnali zone is economically linked with the southern part of Nepal. 
The essay is extracted (taken out) from an article,  ” Karnali- the roadless world of western  Nepal “, Published  in national geographic in 1971. They started their journey with other fellows (local people) who was carrying different products  like medical herbs, hand-knitted sweaters, blankets, shilajit and so on from Jumla.
It shows that they don’t have any market in the village. Moreover, people in Jumla have to be dependent upon many other occupations besides agriculture. Then, they come to Hari Lekh, where they found a beautiful Chhetri, women who respected them to find her husband and send him back to village. He had left his village some fifteen years ago to find some job in Nepalgunj. It means people in the Karnali zone have to do some or other kinds of jobs to make their living.
After that the group of writers passed through the forest of oak and rhododendron trees. There, they saw some 8 or 9 men Processing Silajit to trade in Nepalgunj. When asked, the people men replied  that they were not able to process it in their own village because the bad time was approaching (coming) and they would be under the influence of bad star if they made any delay. 
Then, they come to skillet looking sal tree forest where some women were chopping down the few remaining green leaves. When the writers advised the women not to cut down the trees, women replied that they didn’t have anything to do expect to rear the animals. 
It shows their compulsion and the ignorance about the conservation of the forest and nature. Finally, the team came to Nepalgunj where people from Jumla got engaged in buying and selling things. One of the members of that team named karma spent all of his money or buying distillery (related to wine) equipment. He did so hoping that he would be a rich man after producing wine in his own village.
 Thus, their research paper got completed. It shows difficulties, ignorance, superstitions, compulsion, and backwardness of the people of the Karnali region. It has been more than 30 years after the visit to Karnali region by the authors.
Many changes can be noticed in this place. There was no road, communication facility, and other requirements like post office, schools, hospital, and soon. But the appearance of the place has been changed. Someplace are now accessible with these facilities. However  development place is very slow.
Most district headquarters now are connected by roadways, communication, health, drinking, water, education, etc. Facilities are founds here. But they aren’t developed to the full extend. Through awareness level has been raised it is not quite satisfactory. 
People can’t enjoy the facilities inclusive of education as per their needs. This is also the reason behind the low awareness level. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of the people. They also involve in porter jobs.
People don’t go to the clinic in a general case which shows they don’t conserve about their health and they don’t believe in science but educated. People use the clinic well Rather than they visit quacks and witch doctors. Finally, we state that there are many changes taking place in the Karnali region but they are not satisfactory.


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