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I have a dream Summary interpretation

 I have a dream summary: Martin Luther King was the leader of the black civil rights movement in the USA in the 1960s. This easy is his speech delivered (given) on August 28th in Washington D. C before a crowd of 200 thousand people both black and whites. He addresses the mass in front of the Lincoln Memorial (Lincoln State).

Martin Luther King says that even after one hundred years of emancipation proclamation (Declaration of freedom), The negros (black people) have not been emancipated truly in real life. 

They are not still free in practical life situations. There are millions of negros still working as slaves. Slavery was not abolished in reality. The black people are still suffering under the fire of injustice. There are police brutality and oppression upon them. The blacks are also segregated in every field of life. For example, blacks are not allowed to enter hotels, motels restaurants, libraries, and other public places. They even not allowed to study together with the whites.

According to the American constitution “All men are created equally and they are endowed with (provided with) fundamental (basic) rights”- the right of freedom, (liberty), life, and happiness. But, thus spirit of the constitution has not been applied to the negros (blacks). It means black people are not equal to whites. 

Therefore, Martin Luther King says that it’s a better time to demand their rights. He says that the black people, during the time of their protect shouldn’t behave violently and the demand for their rights should be made peacefully. It means their campaign wasn’t a non-violent movement.

Martin Luther King has a dream to be free, to develop brotherhood with the whites, finish injustice and oppression, and enjoy a happy life of a free citizen living in a happy state (country).

I have a dream  summary Main Points

1. Martin Luther King:- He is the black civil rights campaigner (leader) in the united states in the 1960s I have a dream.

2. This easy is a speech delivered by Martin Luther king amid a mass of 200 thousand people both blacks and whites, in Washington D. C on august 28th  1963, in front of the Lincoln Memorial (Lincoln) the then President of the USA.

3. Abraham Lincoln:- The first black President in the USA – Lincoln had abolished slavery in America on September 22, 1862.

4. Slavery:– A black bought by white a from Africa who works in the form without any salary.

5. Emancipation:- Declaration of freedom on behalf of the black people living in America.

6. Segregation Policy:– The practice mainly in South America.

Additional Information

a. Blacks not treated equally with the whites

b. Blacks were not allowed to enter into hotels, motels, schools, colleges, and libraries/other public places.

c. Different schools for both whites and blacks.

d. Police brutality upon the blacks.

7. Civil Right movement:- Dream for equal rights living in America.

8. Constitution of America:- all men are created equally. Then why blacks aren’t equal with whites.

What is Martin Luther king’s Dream?

In I have a dream summary Martin Luther king has the following dreams: 

a. All the blacks will be given equal rights – The dream for equality.

b. Blacks and whites will behave like brother and sister a felling of fraternity (brotherhood sisterhood)

c. Complete end of discrimination between blacks and whites equal treatment.

d. End of police brutality:- End of segregation 

e. Total freedom at last- A happy state (country)

Watch a youtube video of Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech:

Important Question for Exam (NEB) 

1. Discuss the dream of the martin Luther King?
2. What is the term “dream” refer to in Martin Luther king’s Speech?


  1. Thanks a lot, I think your page is OK, as it’s short n’ precise.
    But maybe ya could add at least some hints for rethorical strategies?

    Kind regards,

  2. So sad, it has to be put into a speech…
    AND even sader to think that racialism still exists…
    Those human-rights needa be granted EVERYONE! Including of course lesbians, gay people asexuals etc. !


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