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Judy Brady is a wife and also a mother. Once her male friend who was recently divorced came to her. He had one child and is with his ex-wife. He is looking for another wife. As the speaker was ironing one evening, she thought about him, and she would also like to have a wife.

She wants a wife for the following reasons;

She would like to go to school to become economically independent (strong) to support herself and those dependent upon her. She wants a wife to care for her children while she goes to school.

She wants a wife to take her children to doctors, to feed them properly, and keep them clean. She wants a wife to wash her children’s clothes and mend them. she wants a wife to nurture her children, take them to school, expose them to social life with their peers, take them to park, zoos, etc.

She wants a wife to see the children when they are sick. She wants a wife who is wholly devoted to her work without losing her job. From her earnings, the wife will pay for her children.

The wife will take care of the speaker’s physical needs: keep her house clean, pick up after (tidy up) her children and herself, and keep personal things in their proper place so they are available when needed.

The wife will cook, plan the menus, do the grocery shopping, prepare meals, serve them and do the cleaning while the speaker engages in studies. The wife will care for the speaker when she is sick, sympathize with her pain and her inability to go to school.

The wife will accompany the family during a vacation to care for children while the speaker takes a rest and move to different scenes. The speaker wants a wife who will not bother her with rambling (digressive) complaints.

But the wife will listen to her and help her clarify the difficult points the speaker finds in her studies, and type her papers. The speaker wants a wife who will take care of the details of her social life.

The wife will take care of her child when she went on outings. The wife will feed special meals to the speaker’s friends at home and clean up. The wife feeds the children and takes them to bed before the speaker’s guests arrive so that they don’t bother.

The wife will take care of her guests’ needs and make them feel comfortable. The wife will place an ashtray and serve them with hors d’oeuvres (an appetizer served before the meal), glasses replenished (filled) with wine and coffee.

The wife knows that sometimes, the speaker needs a night out by herself. The speaker wants a wife who is sensitive to her sexual needs. She will love her passionately and eagerly when the speaker likes it and satisfy her.

The wife will not demand sex when the speaker is in no mood for it. The wife will take complete responsibility for birth control because the speaker doesn’t need more children.

The wife will remain sexually faithful to the speaker, she doesn’t have clutter up (fill up)
her intellectual life with jealousies. The wife will understand that the speaker’s sexual needs also include strict adherence to monogamy.

If the speaker happens to find another more suitable wife than this, she wants liberty to replace her present wife with another one.

Naturally, the speaker expects a fresh new life; the wife will take sole responsibility for the children and the speaker is left free.

When the speaker is through with (finished/completed) the school and has a job, she wants her wife to quit her job and stays at home to completely take care of a wife’s duties.
“My God, who wouldn’t want to be a wife?”



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