Steps Of The Writing Process

4 steps of writing process

4 steps of the writing process

Any text is the result of a struggle between a writer and his material.

Any text is the result of a struggle between a writer and his material. If the struggle is successful, good texts are produced. The writer experiences pain while rearranging ideas and selecting the right words. Writing is no easy business, even for a professional writer. Though there is no formula for good writing, there are some easier and more productive approaches. If we are familiar with the stages of the writing process, writing tasks can be easier.

The following are the writing processes to
be followed when we write

  1. Invention

    (also called prewriting). During invention, we decide what to write about, and gather information to support or explain what we want to say.

  2. Arrangement

    During arrangement, we decide how we are going to organize our ideas.

  3. Drafting and revising

    During drafting and revising, we write several drafts as we reconsider our ideas, and refine our style and structure.

  4. Editing and Proofreading

    During editing, we focus on grammar, punctuation, sentence style,
    and word choice. During proofreading, we correct spelling, mechanical (electrical malfunction) errors, and typos (type mistakes) and check our essay’s format (typing last name and page number at the top right of each paper, spacing, type size, paragraphing, visuals, documentation).

Though the writing process is presented in a series of neatly defined steps, the actual process is so unpredictable. The stages overlap, and writers engage in all the steps simultaneously. Writing is such an idiosyncratic (individual process that no two writers’ approach is similar. Some write elaborate notes during the invention stage, others keep track of everything in their heads. But the key point is that the more you write, the better acquainted you will be with the writing process, and better will be your writings.


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