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Introduction: System, Information system

A system is the collection of the elements or components that are organized for a common purpose in order to facilitate the flow of information. 
The system has 3 component or functions they are:
1. Input
2. Processing
With this process, the computer system works.

Information system:

The system that accepts data as input processes it and generates the information and provides the information to the user as output is known as the information system.
In information system there are two terms:
1. Data: Data is raw fact figures that are set to isolate, unrelated, and un-interpreted.
2. Information: Information is the outcome of data. Whenever data processed information formed.

Types of information system: 

1. Transaction processing system.
2. Management information system.
3. Decision support system.
4. Executive support system.

System Analyst

System analyst Is a computer specialist person who is involved in analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating computer-based information systems to support decision-making operations of an organization.

Roles Responsibilities/ Duties of the system analyst 

1. Defining Requirement: Defining requirements involves understanding the user requirement by interviewing users and finding out what information is being used in a current system. 
2. Prioritizing requirement by consensus: It is not possible to satisfy Each user in the organization. It is caused by computing capabilities, availability of programmers. That’s why we need to set priorities among the various users. The responsibility of the system analyst is good interpersonal relations. 
3. Gathering data facts and opinions of users: Determining the information needs and their priority, the system analyst must develop the system with the active and willing co-operation of all the users.
4. Analysis and evaluation: the system analyst analysis the working of the current information system in an organization. 
5. Solving problems: System Analyst should have good problem-solving skills. He/she have to study the problem in deep and find the alternative solution for the problem.
6. Drawing up specification: This is the main job of the system analyst is to obtain the specification of the function of the system. The specification must be non-technical so the users and managers can understand.
7. Designing system: Once the specification is accepted, the system analyst designs the system. the design must be understandable to the system implementers.
8. Evaluating system: a system analyst must evaluate a system after it has used for a reasonable period of time. 



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