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The Tell-Tale Heart Summary | Heritage of Words By Edgar Allan Poe

Tell Tale Heart Summary

Tell Tale Heart Summary: The tell-Tale heart is a story written by Edgar Allan Poe. This story deals with crime and confession. It throws light upon the fact that a criminal is psychologically hunted and confesses his/her crime ultimately.

The narrator of this story- a boy who lives with an old man who has pale blue eyes. The narrator hates the old man because the old man’s eyes look like a vulture’s eyes. Finally, the boy decides to kill the old man just to get rid of it. The boy is badly terrified by the old man’s eyes.

The boy goes to old man rooms for 7 times in 7 days once a day. But he doesn’t kill the old man because the boy finds him in a sleeping state with his eyes closed. On the 8th  night, the boy inters into the room and produces some sound. As a result, the old man wakes up. The old man can’t sleep because someone has come into his room. 

The boy lights his lantern and all of a sudden, he happens to see the old man’s eyes. The boy hears the heart biting of the old man. The heart bits become louder and louder. Suddenly, the boy sounds and the old man shout. The boy throws the old man on the floor and covers him with a heavy bed.

After some time, the old man dies and the heat bit stops simultaneity. The boy cuts the dead body into small pieces and hides them on the wooden floor. The next morning police come to investigate the crime that the neva had last night. The police asked the boy about the old man and he tells a lie. 

But slowly and slowly the boy feels some kind of sensation of the heart bit of the old man coming from underground where he had hidden the dead body. The heart bits becomes louder and louder that the boy can’t stand. At last, he confesses his crime to the police.

The title of this story Tell-tale heart is satirical in tone. A tell-tale heart means a person who knows about other secrets. In this story, the boys say that he knows when the old man hearts a bit. He feels the old man’s heartbeats with one heart bits. But in a real-life situation, it is not possible. 

The boy suffers from the psychological problem that he is terrified by the old man’s eyes. The boy decides to kill the old man which is not an easy but itself a terrible decision. So, the fear of the old man murder and the terror of the vulture’s eyes make his own heart bit. That why what the boy hears is not the heartbeat of an old man rather his own psychological problems fear which frightens him. 

Meaning of the Story


Tale-heart: Exposing, displaying, revealing, showing, or telling the secret things of your heart/ Psyche (mind).

It’s a detective story. The story is about crime and confession.

Main Idea of the story The Tell-tale Heart:

A criminal is psychologically haunted (suffered) by the crime committed and at last. S/he confesses (accepts) the crime.


 The Characters Of the Tell-Tale Heart story: 

1) A boy: He is a psychologically problematic man. He lives with an old man who has pale- blue eyes. The boy says the old man has vulture’s eyes as they look like pale/ blue in color. The boy hates those eyes, also he doesn’t like the old man mainly because of his eyes. The boy decides to kill the old man just to get rid of those vulture’s eyes.

2) The old man: A man living with the boy, he is murdered by the boy mainly due to his (old man’s) eyes.



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