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The Children Who Wait


The children who wait summary: This essay is written by Marsha Traugot. This essay is about the changing attitudes of the adoption in the American scene in the last few decayed mainly after the 1960s. Before the 1960s, adoption wasn’t an easy process in America. There were several factors working against the adoption practices. 

The essay through light upon, how slowly and slowly the American attitude towards adoption got to change and improve.

According to the writer, the racial feeling was a great problem in adoption. That’s why the black children had to wait to be adopted black children for a long time. The agency operating foster homes changed their working policy. They took the help of advertisements on radios, TV, and newspaper for the quicker adoption of black children today.

Due to the black civil rights movement, the white also starting adopting black children. These days, the young girls who get pregnant before marriage can abort and look after their children. Legally, it has reduced the number of unwanted children who are sent to the foster home.
The author says that healthy white children are easily and quickly adopted. The foster home authorities are always concerned with the quicker adoption of children because it has been found out that those children who stay in such foster homes for a long time, turned into criminals. 

At the same time, it has become very expensive for the agency who run foster home. Nowadays, the rich, middle class, and even poor families can adopt children. For Example, A fifteen-year-old boy was adopted by a young unmarried person. Even a handicraft and mentally recorded children can be adopted easily. The government and non- government agencies who run foster homes make news policy and developing new ways to find homes for children who were in the foster home.

This essay shows how various changes in attitudes have altered the American seen of adoption. Mainly after the 1960s different types of movement highly contributed to the improvement and the transformation of adoption practice in American. Before that time, various social barriers, norms, values, beliefs, legal procedure, constitutional system, hindered the process of adoption.

Main Idea/Points Of The Children Who Wait

:- The adoption (Taking other’s child/ children) as their own, the scene in America has been significantly improved and changed in recent years mainly after 1 year.

-Children who wait- The children in foster homes (child care centers)-(homeless, Parentless children)  who wait for further adoption by suitable/ proper parents or people.
-Faster home:- homes where helpless/ parentless children are kept/  taken care of/ reared or bought up.
Adoption before the 1960s
-Black children weren’t equally adopted.
-Black girls weren’t adopted.
-Girls whether black or white was not adopted.
-Disabled/ mentally retarded weren’t easily adopted.
-A married couple couldn’t adopt children.
-No provision of abortion.
-No, the unmarried woman can give birth to a child, takes care of her kids.
-More illegal Birth.
-Expensive to run foster homes.
-Children who stayed in a foster home for a long time turned to be criminals.
-Unmarried couples couldn’t adopt.
-Married couples with children couldn’t adopt.
Adoption scene- changed and improved after The 1960s
-Due to the civil rights movement.
-Black civil rights
-Women’s rights movement.
– Constitutional improvement in the provision of abortion.
– Foster homes made advertisement or newspaper, Tv, Radios.




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