Summary Interpretation Of The Last Voyage of the ghost ship | Heritage Of Words

Summary Interpretation Of The Last Voyage of the ghost ship | Heritage Of Words

The Last Voyage of the ghost ship

Written By  -Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombian Writer/novelist)

Sea –Journey by ship
Ghost – Supernatural ship /spirit/not real ship
Theme: magic Realism- magic-Realism
The story has been – unreal- real Written using this technique-impossible-possible

Main Idea of the Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship:-

Bold decision and continuous efforts, leads one to his /her destination/goal and aim.
The last voyage of the ghost ship is a story by Marquez. This story is written using –realism and stream of consciousness technique. It is about the maturity of a boy (the character) and his hold and strong determination towards his aim/goal and destination.

Summary Interpretation of the Last voyage of the ghost ship

One day, a boy the main character of this story, sees a huge (big) ship coming towards the seashore without any light and sound. The ship is only seen in the darkness. It disappears when light falls upon it. Then, there is a dangerous shipwreck (accident) and the ship breaks into pieces. 
But the boy finds not a single piece of the broken ship at the shore the next morning. It’s like a dream for the boy. Next time, the boy sees the same huge ship. He tells his mother about the ship but she doesn’t pay any serious attention to the boy’s saying. 
She says that he is a silly and pig-headed (dull boy). After sometimes, the mother dies due to grief (tragedy) of her husband’s death that she can’t bear. Again the boy sees the same ghost ship and tells the mysterious story tom the villagers. But, they even don’t believe in his story. 
That’s why, the villagers beat him for saying wrong information. They can’t see the existence of the ship because it is a ghost ship. Now, the boy makes a strong decision to do something great and prove that he is not an ordinary boy. 
He grows strong physically and is highly determined to show his caliber (power). One night, he steals a small boat takes a (Laltin), and advances towards the ghost ship. The ship seems to be in great trouble and the boy sees a lot of carcasses floating in the side of the ship.
Now, the boy takes the ship under control and brings it to the share near the village church.  The ghost ship is several times larger than the village and taller than the church-steeple. The villagers (all the disbelievers) are now surprised. 
It is the last voyage of the ghost ship because it has now been captured by the boy. In this way, the protagonist shows his great strength and achieve success.
The magic realism style implemented (used) in the writing of this story is the mixture of some unreal, impossible, magical and supernatural events with the real, possible and factual situations. Therefore, one should think this story from magic-realistic point of view.


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