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women's business summary


Women’s Business Summary: Women’s Business is an essay written by Ilene Kantrov. This essay is about how American Women enter into the world of business, how they prospered, and the business policy they adopted. The essay highlights the beginning of a good business of women and its gradual degradation.
Lydia Pinkham was the first successful businesswoman who earned both money and social Prestaties. She inverted her own medicine the vegetable compound for face used mainly for women. She advertises her product through the newspaper moreover, she supports feminism and spoke in favor of women’s rights. Pinkham American women’s to follow certain guidelines for good health- physical exercise diet and soon. 
She follows a good business policy-both money and social services. But Lydia Pinkham wasn’t fully followed by other businesswomen of America. Helena and Elizabeth way strong rivals in the production of cosmetics. They also married Europan Aristocrats. These women used their married as business propaganda. Such types of publicity were not good. 
Similarly, Jennie Began to operate a hotel business Margeret sold healthy foods, and a negro woman Annie sold chemicals. But they all followed a dirty or mean way of progressing in business. That’s why the agency like FDA and FDC has to control false advertisement and seal the production.
In this way, the beginning of businesswomen becomes controversial. Although the pioneer businesswomen Lydia Pinkham had established fair norms.

Important Questions for NEB

1. What kind of business did the businesswomen from Pinkham to Malone, begin? What was their main purpose? Explain.

2. What are the business of Gertrude  Muller and Helena Rubinstein?

3. Justify the title ‘ Women’s Business.

4. How did Pinkham act as a savior of her sex?

5. What sort of strategy did Annie-Turnbo  Malone develop to  Flourish her business?

6. Why did the FDA ask Helena Rubinstein to withdraw her claims?

7. What strategy did Lydia E Pinkham use to grow her business?

8. How did Margaret Rudkin and Jennie Grossinger grow their business? Did they help their class as they claimed?

9. What was the major motive of the businesswomen? Did they want to help their class as they claimed?

10. How did Annie Turnbo-Malone Grow her business? What strategy did she develop?

11. Why is Lydia Pinkham’s most notable character in the essay? Explain.

12. What is the main idea of the essay?

13. How did the women start and flourish their business in America?

14. Why did Lydia Pinkham First begin to sell her products?

15. How does Pinkham Emerge in the pages of newspapers and Magazines? What does she claim to get the trust of people? Does she get a success?

16. Write a newspaper article about a success story of a Nepali Business Women?


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